S²RM® Technology is the most advanced technology to stimulate the natural healing power of our bodies.

When a person’s tissue is damaged from disease or trauma, stem cells that reside in areas surrounding the damaged tissue are activated. These activated stem cells hone into the site of the injury and begin to release a multitude of molecules that act as messengers communicating with the surrounding cells and tissues, instructing the tissue to begin the repair and regeneration process. Multiple stem cell types (not just one type) are recruited to the area of damage.

BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. has developed a technology called Stem Cell Released Molecules, and has designated the term S²RM® to reflect that SRM is derived from two or more types of stem cells. This S²RM® Technology mimics our body’s natural repair processes and centers on the identification, selection, culture, and stimulation of the appropriate adult human stem cell types and the capture of those molecules released from the stem cells into a therapeutic formulation.

The S²RM® Technology has the advantage compared to other stem cell technologies of capturing a full and natural complement or “system” of known molecules. BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. has licensed this groundbreaking technology to NeoGenesis Inc. for the development of an exceptional collection of anti-aging cosmeceuticals that are more advanced than anything else on the market today.

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