Aestheticians, skin therapists, clinicians, cosmetic nurses, cosmetic doctors, practice managers, cosmetic tattooists, educators and trainers are invited to attend the Australasian Professional Aesthetic Network (APAN) Conference this July 14-15, 2023 (Australia time).
The theme of the conference is “The Power of Convergence in the Art & Science of Aesthetics”—a celebration of innovation as new services emerge in the clinical and allied health domain.
Elevate both knowledge and skin with expanded programming featuring educational lectures and developmental workshops. Notable speakers include NeoGenesis Australia Skin Educator, Gay Wardle, with her lecture “The Role of Stem Cell Released Molecules in Skin Renewal”; and NeoGenesis CEO Steve McGee and Borka Buseska with their breakout session “Stem Cell Formulation – The Answer to Skin Renewal”.
In Gay Wardle’s lecture she will present details on S²RM®, a novel patented technology which utilizes stem cell released molecules to activate a collection of hundreds of different types of proteins that serve the skin. She’ll discuss in detail how these proteins help build block proteins such as collagen and laminin; provide antioxidant protection; heat shock proteins for repairs; proteasomes for recycling; cytokines to modulate immune systems from an inflammatory state to an anti-inflammatory pro-repair state; and much more.
In addition to Gay’s talk, Steve McGee and Borka Buseska are hosting a more intimate breakout session with a focus on using NeoGenesis’ patented stem cell formulation for skin rejuvenation. Discover solutions that address excessive inflammation post-procedures such as surgery, skin needling, or IPL and laser burns as well chronic conditions such as eczema and psoriasis amongst others. They will also be showcasing advanced skin care protocols for common skin concerns, such as acne and ageing.
Seats are limited to 25 people, so be sure to book the session as soon as you register for the event.
Attendees can register and find hotel information for their stay at Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge of skin care art and science, network with other industry professionals, and advance your skills to the next level!

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