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Fractional Lasers – Fraxel, CO2

Two types of fractional lasers are now in use:Fractional Lasers – Fraxel, CO2 - Post Fraxel Skin Care with NeoGenesis

  • the more gentle, erbium-type fractional lasers, like the Fraxel (often called “non-ablative” by physicians), and
  • the CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser systems.

In general, the Fraxel and similar lasers, such as the Fraxel Dual, are better for younger patients (under 50), fine wrinkles and mild to moderate acne scarring .  The CO2 systems are better for older patients, in situations like deeper wrinkles, deeper acne scarring, and other scars, as well as some skin tightening.

The fractionated CO2 lasers can treat more deeply, but they also require more downtime than the Fraxel.  CO2 lasers create more heat in the skin during treatment. The light and heat help tighten the skin by producing millions of small laser wounds. As the skin heals, it tightens and texture improves. Thus Fraxel Laser or C02 Laser has caused a wound in the skin, and such procedures will benefit from good wound care practice.

As with any advanced treatment, the care and experience of the person performing the treatment is critical to the success of the treatment and minimizes the risks.

Pre Laser

If you and your medical or skin care expert decide that a laser treatment is right for you, it is important to prepare the skin prior to the treatment  Four weeks before a laser treatment is considered a minimum amount of time to improve the health of the skin before a treatment.  This preparation will speed healing time as well as improve the results.

NeoGenesis recommends the use of Recovery, abundant in S²RM®, once or twice daily after cleansing for four weeks prior to a laser.  Use Recovery all over the face and neck, including the eye area and around and on the lips.  Recovery is very useful if you are prone to Herpes Simplex outbreaks.  For drier skin types apply Skin Serum after Recovery, and follow with our Intensive Moisturizer with its hydrating and soothing capabilities.  This protocol will naturally heal and nourish the skin leading to the best possible outcome and lessen the chance of unwanted side effects.

Post Laser

Laser procedures will benefit greatly from the post treatment application of NeoGenesis Recovery. Used as a simple topical application once the skin has cooled from the Laser, NeoGenesis Recovery, used twice daily on clean skin, will reduce redness and irritation, enhance the effects of the procedure, and reduce the downtime.  To combat the initial dryness associated with a laser treatment, apply Skin Serum following Recovery twice daily.  In addition, our Intensive Moisturizer is to be applied twice daily or as needed to hydrate the skin and provide proper barrier function.  The use of chemical free sunscreen is extremely important to further protect the skin.


Before & After - Laser and PRP“As a clinic director, I wanted to try NeoGenesis on myself first. I received both a PRP and a CO2 Laser treatment. I am amazed at what Recovery and Intensive Moisturizer did to reduce my downtime and discomfort post procedure.” ~ BS

Professional Feedback: Patient used Recovery and Intensive Moisturizer twice each day. These products are of significant benefit post procedure. They reduce down time and improve the patients response to the procedure.

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Intensive Moisturizer

Before & After - Fraxel Laser “My year old fraxel laser scar disappeared after using Recovery!  I thought I would be using makeup/coverup forever to hide it.   Amazing!  I’m so happy to have found NeoGenesis! Along with the Skin Serum Eye Serum, and Intensive Moisturizer, the texture of my skin has taken on a beautiful youthful glow!”  ~ BZ


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I love this stuff! It goes on easily and layers well with other products. I feel like it’s helping a little post laser spot heal up faster than usual also!” ~ CB – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Before + After - Laser“I have tried out a variety of treatments and this is the most aggressive one. I was concerned about the down time and my comfort level. I didn’t miss any work and the Recovery product when applied had a cooling effect of the heat. I am very impressed by the results; I used the Recovery only on my face and you can see how well it reduced the redness by the second day, compared to the neck that I didn’t use the Recovery on.” ~ P
Professional Feedback: Client is a traveling Nurse for Ideal Image. She asked to go very aggressive on the treatment on a level from 1-20, so we did a 20. She had not been feeling well and believed she had a cold. She used Moisturizing Mist and Cleanser for 4 days. She used the Recovery for 1-4 days post care only for the face. The neck and décolleté only used Recovery at time of treatment. 

Product: Cleanser, Moisturizing Mist, Recovery (for treatment)

Before + After - Laser Burn Scarring“Sending over photos from my Client, Cooper. He had laser treatment in April of 2021, to remove extended capillaries. In my opinion, from knowing my clients barrier, the laser was high for minor area. He’s in sales for Orlando Magic’s. He’s always wanting to look his best. I cautioned him before doing the laser removal treatment. He went ahead. Results were some minor scarring. Since he’s a Fitzpatrick 2/3, his scarring is very visible. He came in on April 26, 2021. We did a Hydration Facial using Circadia Skincare line. I gave him Recovery serum to use on the area. Here’s the before & after photos. The first was taken before he came in for a facial. The second is from May 9, 2021. I love the fast healing Recovery produces, not to mention he’s hooked on the product!!” ~ Gail Day, Soft Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Before + After - Fraxel Laser“I had Fraxel Laser done on my hands so I could compare your Recovery and Intensive Moisturizer (on my left hand) with another leading product used post laser, Dermaceutic, K Ceytic (on my right hand). The photos included are 1 day after the laser procedure.  As you can see my right hand is inflamed and still very red, it felt like I had a severe sunburn.  My left hand had very little redness, almost no inflammation and most important, NO PAIN!  Day 2 after the procedure my right hand still felt slightly sunburnt and tender to the touch, my left hand looked and felt fantastic!  I am excited to now recommend Recovery to my patients as the preferred product post procedure. Thank you NeoGenesis!” ~ KR


Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryIntensive Moisturizer

Before + After - Laser Burn“I’m a licensed Pharmacist and work with and used other skin care products in the past but my experience has left me in shock after personally seeing how NeoGenesis Recovery worked on my IPL Laser Burns. I honestly have never seen anything like it, it worked so fast!” ~ B

Professional Feedback: I observed 1st and 2nd degree burns after treatment with IPL Laser by her Dermatologist. These IPL burns were sustained from a treatment by her Dermatologist seven days earlier. The worst areas were oozing and quite inflamed.

I got her permission to use NeoGenesis Recovery on the burn area. 12 hours after first application, pain subsided substantially. She was shocked that the NeoGenesis Recovery had worked so fast and stated that she’s never seen anything like it.

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery