NeoGenesis Products and Protocols for Diabetic Ulcers

Below are the recommended skin care products to use for Diabetic Ulcers. Click here or scroll down for protocols.
NeoGenesis Recovery Collection


NeoGenesis Recovery, our most advanced product, is a breakthrough serum that improves anti-aging results, speeds the healing process and reduces inflammation.


Diabetic Ulcers Protocol

Along with the other treatments prescribed and recommended by your health care provider, NeoGenesis Recovery, abundant in stem cell released molecules, is a safe, natural and effective treatment that is very helpful in giving the wound the molecules it needs to support healing. Twice daily topical application, or application of Recovery when the dressing is changed, can help speed the healing process.

Diabetic Ulcer Protocol; twice daily

  1. Apply NeoGenesis Recovery serum to the diabetic ulcer twice daily if possible or use Recovery when the wound dressing is being changed

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