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Cancer treatments, while life saving, can cause a wide variety of side effects to the entire body. The use of powerful cancer fighting treatments including Chemotherapy, Radiation and drug therapy are known to cause some very serious skin, hair and nail issues that can range from mild discomfort to extremely painful and disfiguring.

Skin Changes and Side Effects

Chemotherapy is a total body treatment.  Side effects range from mild scattered rashes with redness and itching to severe, irritated rashes and open sores.  The skin also becomes drier as chemotherapy reduces the amount of oil the glands secrete. This dryness compromises the skin’s barrier and makes healing more difficult.

Radiation is a localized treatment.  The skin can look irritated, swollen, and blistered, much like severely sunburned skin.  After a few weeks, some patients develop Radiation Dermatitis. This form of Dermatitis surfaces as dry, flaky, itchy and peeling skin in the area of the treatment. It is irritating and painful and once it occurs, it can continue for years.

Radiation treatments can also increase a person’s risk of developing skin cancer in the future.

Hair Changes and Side Effects

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy cancer treatments. For many, it is the most distressing part of cancer treatments. Our hair plays a big role in how we appear to others, how we see ourselves, and how we define ourselves. Hair loss can’t be hidden from view and threatens a person’s sense of self and personal image. It is a traumatic experience that is most often, temporary.

Nail Changes and Side Effects

Chemotherapy also affects our nails. There may be a line or even multiple lines and indentations related to the cycle of chemotherapy treatment. These lines are not permanent and usually take approximately 6 months to grow out with the nail.

During this time, nails may become more brittle and discolored. The skin around the nails may become extremely dry. Be very gentle with your nails, keeping them clean and trimmed with clean nail scissors as needed.

NeoGenesis for Oncology Related Skin, Hair and Nail changes

Healing and preventing infection during and after cancer treatments is a must.  NeoGenesis products contain the S²RM® molecules that naturally heal the skin, delivering nutrient rich molecules to areas inflamed, sunburned and peeling from the effects of cancer treatments.

Our most advanced product Recovery, abundant in S²RM® molecules is the product to use for skin healing anywhere the body is affected from cancer treatments.  Recovery immediately begins to naturally heal and calm the skin where these symptoms exist.  If additional hydration is needed, follow Recovery with our Intensive Moisturizer or our Body Cream and apply as often as needed to further calm and hydrate the skin, including the nail beds. Our gentle and hydrating Moisturizing Mist may be used throughout the day to combat dryness and discomfort on the skin.

Gently cleanse the skin with our Cleanser, then apply Recovery on cleansed skin, twice daily for as long as needed. Recovery is safe for use on all areas of the body, including around the eyes. NeoGenesis can aid in healing the skin and reducing or eliminating the inflammation and discomfort of skin changes during chemotherapy.

For hair loss, the NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum, NeoLash, NeoLash and NeoBrow products are formulated with S²RM® technology and other signaling molecules that can begin to restore hair loss in a natural, healthy way.

NeoGenesis has several products that are Oncology approved for use before, during, and after cancer treatments. In addition to Recovery, Intensive Moisturizer, Barrier Renewal Cream, Moisturizing Mist, Body Cream, Hair Thickening Serum, NeoLash, and NeoBrow, we support healthy skin care with our Cleanser, Eye Serum, Skin Serum, and Light Moisturizer. Ask your skin care professional for recommendations on using these products to protect and heal the skin affected by cancer treatments.


NeoGenesis skin products for cancer side effects

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis

“I’m healing so well due to @neogenesisinc! I’m so thankful to be a part of their case study for oncology patients! I use their Moisturizing Mist Spray, Recovery serum, and Barrier Renewal Cream three times a day. Magic!!” ~ L

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Moisturizing Mist, Barrier Renewal Cream

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis


A total of 33 treatments of proton radiation were received between August 2017 and September 2017.  This was her second bout with breast cancer. The first occurred in 2001 and was also Intraductal Carcinoma in the right breast. She underwent two lumpectomies followed by a mastectomy and four rounds of chemotherapy.

“My skin was sore to the touch and as can be seen in the Day 1 picture. It is burned in what, I think, are varying levels of first degree burns. I felt very crispy. I put Recovery on last night and wanted to see if it worked. After 8-10 hours, I didn’t have to put any Lidocaine or Neosporin on. It felt so good, I did not want to put other products on. After one application, I can tell you I have not felt this kind of relief from any other products.   I was convinced and began Day 2.”  ~ DN


Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Moisturizing Mist, Intensive Moisturizer

Condition: Chemotherapy

“All I can say to you is that I could not be happier with how things worked out.  It is like a miracle as far as I am concerned.  Unbelievable.  I now look like a normal person, even without makeup on.  Also the most important thing, no pain, which diminished pretty quickly when I started your products.  I am thrilled with that and would recommend your products to anyone. In fact, when I go into my doctor for my 3-month check-up I will bring some information on it with me because they should be promoting it in their office if they are going to be doing those kinds of procedures and others. They do other types of surgeries there too.” ~ ES

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Intensive Moisturizer

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis

“With a 2nd degree burn from a chemical peel, I was desperate for relief. Unfortunately, a plastic surgeon recommended a peel just 2 weeks prior to radiation. The peel was on my chest adjacent to my cancer, on my breast. The Recovery by NeoGenesis provided immediate relief. The blisters repaired and the skin smoothed out. The redness has dissipated and I am still seeing improvement. I am also using the Recovery serum on my breast and I am into the 9th day of radiation and not showing signs of redness. I plan to use the serum throughout radiation to prevent blistering and scarring.”  ~ DW


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Condition: Chemotherapy

Chemo Rash - Recovery Serum TestimonialCondition Treated: Sores and rash on her legs (side effect of her chemo for Breast Cancer)

Patient Feedback:

“I had a severe skin reaction from two powerful chemotherapy drugs (Adriamycin / Cytoxin) that were administered every other day for four weeks. The worst reaction was on my legs which had raised red areas and many of these were blisters. We had tried Calendula Oil by Bodyceuticals. The rash would subside and then come back worse than before.

Tracy introduced me to NeoGenesis Recovery serum. I applied it twice a day to the affected areas. In one week, I had a huge improvement. The redness faded, the raised areas diminished, the blisters went away, and the itching stopped. Recovery serum is a miracle product. I highly recommend it to anyone with skin issues from chemo.”  ~ CP


Products: NeoGenesis Recovery

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis

“Externally I suffer from severely burned facial and neck skin (I call it “mother of all laser peels”).  About a year ago, I have had the brief opportunity to use some of the NeoGenesis skin serum and facial moisturizer, both of which really seemed to help with the residual redness of the skin on my face and neck. Both areas were still extremely sensitive and red after almost 7 years.  Not anymore.” ~  RS

Products: Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis

“I hope this finds you well and that NeoGenesis is thriving.  Would it be possible to get some more Recovery, Skin Serum, and Moisturizer?  They really seem to be helping with the radiation reaction redness and sensitivity.  I had a facial today and the therapist commented that she saw major improvements over the last time (about 4 months ago), including reduced actinic keratosis on my nose.  I attribute that to the NeoGenesis products, since they are what I am using.”  ~ RS

Products: NeoGenesis RecoverySkin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer

Condition: Chemotherapy

“This patient was on topical chemo for 30 days and told to only use OTC Vaseline. Her face was bleeding. She was in significant pain and the itching was driving her absolutely insane (photo on the left). We did two applications of Recovery over the next 24 hours. The progress can be seen in the photo on the right. She stated her pain and itchiness levels dropped substantially in 24 hours.”  ~ T.L.


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery


Condition: Chemotherapy

“Love it. I’m going through Chemotherapy and my skin is very dry, or I should say WAS drying out. This moisturizer has my skin soft and supple again.” ~ AS – Art of Skin Care

Product: Intensive Moisturizer

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis

“I haven’t been diligent for my photos, but I can tell you the Recovery serum has really gotten rid of my radiation discoloring under my armpit.  Very happy about that!  Huge fan!” ~ SU

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis

“After six weeks of radiation her skin looked like she had two weeks of treatments. The Recovery serum really conditioned her skin, making it stronger and more resilient to withstand radiation.” ~ BW – Skin B Natural

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery