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FAQs - General - NeoGenesis UKHow long has NeoGenesis been in business?

NeoGenesis has been in business since 2015.

Product Safety

Are there any contraindications for using NeoGenesis products?

Our products can be used on all skin types and all skin conditions.

Can NeoGenesis products be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Yes. Most NeoGenesis products can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, we recommend consulting your physician prior to using Salicylic Acid Gel and Skin Restore Serum as the active ingredients in these products are often contraindicated.

If a donor has had COVID, and/or the COVID vaccine, can that impact the Stem Cells that are used in NeoGenesis products?

The stem cell types used by NeoGenesis are derived from the skin, and therefore not affected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus given the virus does not infect skin stem cells. 


Are NeoGenesis products oncology friendly?

Most of our products are oncology friendly, except Salicylic Acid Gel, Mandelic Acid 8%, Fresh Face Mask, Enzyme Crème Mask, Volcanic Ash Mask and Skin Restore Serum. All masks may be used 6 months after completing any cancer treatments, or sooner if approved by your health care professional. We recommend consulting your physician prior to using either Mandelic Acid 8%, Salicylic Acid Gel and Skin Restore Serum after any cancer treatments.

NOTE: If purchasing from the US site, the Enzyme Crème Mask may be used 6 months after completing any cancer treatments, or sooner if approved by your health care professional. 

How do I use Recovery while getting Radiation treatments?

Recovery can be used twice a day and is recommended to use for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to radiation treatments but should not be used 4 hours before the radiation treatment. Immediately after a radiation treatment, start by spraying the Moisturizing Mist to the area of treatment. Second, apply Recovery to the area. We have Recovery in a spray version to target a larger area. Last, apply the Barrier Renewal Cream. Do this twice daily or as needed to comfort the skin. Some clients have had their doctors recommend Recovery 3 times a day. Speak with your health care professional about using Recovery with radiation treatments.

Products / Usage

Can I use NeoGenesis with other product lines?

Yes. NeoGenesis works beautifully with all other product lines. The key to success is to use our serums first, then layer other products over our serums. Because our patented technology has its own delivery system, it is important to use them first for that delivery system to get into the deeper layers of the skin. Please contact us at customerservice@neogenesis.com for specific usage questions.

Are NeoGenesis products organic?

Our products contain no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, and nothing has been made with ionizing radiation. We have not used antibiotics or growth hormones. We use ingredients that are “skin identical,” meaning the molecules we use are naturally found in our bodies. Therefore the molecules are recognized by our bodies as native, and the body doesn’t need to react to them and degrade or export them.

Are NeoGenesis products gluten free?

Yes. All of the products are gluten free.

What is the shelf life of an opened product in the airless pumps?

Airless pumps have little or no air space as they dispense the product, therefore the shelf life of these products is a year, as long as it isn’t heated above 120 degrees F.

Should the NeoGenesis products be refrigerated?

It is not required to refrigerate the NeoGenesis products. However, if you live in a hot climate and do not have air conditioning we recommend refrigerating the products to ensure shelf life. Further, using the MB-1 cold will significantly relieve the itch associated with eczema and dermatitis. 

Is using a Vitamin C serum needed when using NeoGenesis serums?

No, it is not necessary to combine a Vitamin C product with NeoGenesis products. No other added vitamins are needed as the exosomes contain antioxidants. If you love products containing Vitamin C or Vitamin A, for example, you may continue to use them with NeoGenesis products with excellent results.

Is it possible to use NeoGenesis products in conjunction with Vitamin C products?

Yes. There are two ways to use Vitamin C with NeoGenesis serums. One is to always apply the NeoGenesis first, then layer the Vitamin C product afterwards. The exosomes immediately go to work deep within the skin so the Vitamin C will not damage or block the exosomes. The other way is to use NeoGenesis at one time of the day and the Vitamin C at the other time. Example: Vitamin C in the AM and NeoGenesis in the PM.

Can I use prescription tretinoin or retinols with Recovery and other NeoGenesis products?

Yes. When using prescription Retin-A (tretinoin) of any strength, we advise to use Recovery, Booster, or Skin Serum at the opposite time of the day. Using other retinol products, they may be applied at opposite times of the day or apply the NeoGenesis serum first, then layer the retinol product next. It is best to use prescriptions according to your doctors recommendations.

As for our Skin Restore Serum, if using tretinoin, there is no need to add another vitamin A product to your skin care routine. Adding another would be too much.

Stem Cells

Where do your stem cell released molecules come from?

NeoGenesis sources the stem cell released molecules from healthy human donors that go to tissue banks within the United States. They are carefully tested and the process is highly regulated by the FDA.

Where do your stem cells come from?

NeoGenesis gets the tissue that contains the Stem Cells from Tissue Banks within the United States. The tissue is from donors. It is carefully tested and the process is highly regulated by the FDA.

What are the percentages of stem cell released molecules in the NeoGenesis products?

Recovery 70%, Booster 40%, Skin Serum 20%, Eye Serum 10%, Intensive Moisturizer 5%, Light Moisturizer 5%, Moisturizing Mist 1%, Hair Serum 60%, NeoLash 60%, NeoBrow 60%.

How do NeoGenesis products differ from competitors using bone marrow or platelet derived stem cells? 

Because the molecules from skin stem cells have been studied for a long time and using long term follow-up studies, NeoGenesis products are safe and effective and no problems have been found. The basis of our technology began in the late 1800s in Germany with skin grafting, fat transfers, and more recently skin stem cell transplantations. All have been found to be safe with long term use in contrast to bone marrow and platelet derived stem cells. We published our own safety study a few years ago: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7421258/

How do plant stem cells compare with adult human stem cells?

Plant stem cells cannot influence the cells in human skin. Plant stem cells are beneficial only in that they can work as other antioxidants do, in the fight against free radicals. They have some value as antioxidants, but that capability will break down easily if not stored correctly. Human stem cells release the molecules that have cell to cell communication with skin cells. They speak the same language and are perfectly suited to repair the skin.


Does NeoGenesis test products on animals?

Please feel at ease when using NeoGenesis products as we love animals and do not engage in animal testing, nor do our product formulas contain any animal derived ingredients.

Is NeoGenesis Recovery serum safe to use on animals?

Yes! NeoGenesis Recovery serum works well on any cuts, scrapes, surgeries, skin sensitivities, abrasions, and more. A bit of Recovery serum applied to your pets injury will help it heal quickly.


I don’t have a Skin Therapist.  How can I purchase your products?

You may purchase our products through our retail website at NeoGenesis.com or call our Customer Service at 001 858 751 4714.  We can also guide you to one of our skin care clinics that can do phone/video consults if you prefer.

If you have been approved for a Professional account, you can purchase products on NeoGenesisPro.co.uk

How do I become a stockist and get a wholesale professional account?

You can sign up as a wholesale professional partner on our NeoGenesis Pro UK website: https://neogenesispro.co.uk/registration/


Do you offer discounts or coupon codes?

NeoGenesis does not offer discounts, coupon codes or have yearly sales.  What we do offer is 100% guarantee on our topical skin care products so you can purchase with confidence.

We do not offer a money-back guarantee for Erase The Day makeup remover or any of our hair products.

Do you offer free samples?

No, we do not offer free samples, but we do sell travel sizes of our products. What we do offer is 100% guarantee on our topical skin care products so you can purchase with confidence.

Return Policy

Can I return my product?

Yes, NeoGenesis has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all skin care products.  If you purchased your NeoGenesis products from a local professional, please return the product to them for a replacement or a refund.  If you purchased directly from us, please call Customer Service at 001 858 751 4714.  If we want the product(s) back for any reason, we will send you a call tag.

We do not offer a money-back guarantee for Erase The Day makeup remover.

Due to the nature of hair loss and the many systemic and nutritional causes for hair loss and thinning, we are unable to offer a money-back guarantee on our hair care products, which include Hair Thickening Serum, NeoLash, and NeoBrow. For more information on our hair care products, please contact Customer Service to learn more about the conditions that our hair care products have had success in treating.

Click here to view our full Return policy.