NeoGenesis Products and Protocols for Bed Sores

Below are the recommended skin care products to use for Bed Sores. Click here or scroll down for protocols.
NeoGenesis Recovery Collection


Recovery, our most advanced product, is a breakthrough treatment serum that improves all signs of skin aging, speeds the healing process and reduces inflammation.  It strengthens the skin, providing protection from all forms of damage.


Bed Sores Protocol

Bed sores can be painful and a challenging wound to heal.  There are several things that may prevent some bed sores from developing as well as assist with healing. Shifting the weight of the body often is important to relieve the pressure points. Proper nutrition, hydration, and exercise are critical to healing the wounds.

Also very helpful to the management of bed sores is the twice daily application of NeoGenesis Recovery to the wound. Recovery is abundant in stem cell released molecules that naturally heal the skin, delivering nutrient rich molecules that are involved in healing of wounds. Daily use of Recovery, or application when the wound dressing is changed, will help to create an environment at the wound site to facilitate healing.

Protocol for Bed Sores; Twice Daily

  1. Apply NeoGenesis Recovery serum twice daily, at a minimum, if the wound is uncovered
  2. If the wound is covered by a dressing, apply Recovery when the bandage is changed before applying other prescribed products for healing

Recovery serum helps to create an environment at the wound site to facilitate healing of damaged tissue.

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