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Most of the signs of aging are triggered at the cellular level. As we grow older, cellular activity declines and skin looks tired and lifeless. Scientists conducting research on the degeneration and regeneration of the central nervous system noticed that the stem cell therapy they were exploring also delivered significant cosmetic benefits. The effects were so striking that they were asked to make this technology available to the public. The result was the NeoGenesis® cosmeceutical collection featured here.

Commenting on a recent clinical study, Harvard Medical School Professor of Genetics, Dr. David Sinclair, observed, “The aging process we discovered is like a married couple—when they are young, they communicate well, but over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down. And just like with a couple, restoring communication solved the problem.”

Advanced studies at BioRegenerative Sciences Inc. confirm the importance of cellular communication. Their researchers integrated their discoveries into a unique and patent-pending stem cell platform called S²RM® (which means using multiple stem cell types). BioRegenerative has licensed this technology to NeoGenesis® Inc., who proudly feature S²RM® in an exclusive range of proprietary cosmeceuticals.

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