By Pamela Vendetti, Lead Esthetician, Educator – NeoGenesis

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. NeoGenesis honours and supports those affected by Breast Cancer.

If you or your loved ones are currently going through cancer treatment we would like to introduce you to NeoGenesis. Our core emphasis is serving the oncology community. We understand the effects cancer treatment has on the skin. All of our products are Oncology approved, organic, non-toxic, completely safe, yet highly effective for everyone.

Cancer Treatment and your Skin

Cancer treatment saves lives.  There are many new, individualized treatments that are having a profound and positive effect on patients and their families.  Along with this powerful medicine are a variety of side effects that can cause skin reactions ranging from mild to quite severe.  As cancer cells are targeted, our healthy cells are also damaged, causing pain and discomfort to our skin.  While changes to the skin may not seem like a priority at this time, they can wreak havoc on the comfort of living in your own skin and the ability of the skin to withstand the treatments necessary to fight this disease.

When going through Radiation and Chemotherapy treatment, skin reactions may develop that vary in intensity for each individual and can include:

  • Dry or extremely dry skin that may appear in patches or all over the body
  • Itchy skin
  • Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin)
  • Color changes in skin tone
  • Photosensitivity (more sensitive to sun damage)
  • Radiation Rash (caused by the administration of certain chemotherapy drugs with or after radiation)

With the proper care, these skin reactions are usually temporary.  Both reaction and healing time will be unique to each person.

Until recently, patients’ skin health suffered with little or no options for healing skin reactions while undergoing cancer treatments. Only Oncology safe products should be used on the skin at this time.  The entire NeoGenesis line of products is organic and Oncology approved for use during and after cancer treatments.  By giving the skin the nutrients it needs to naturally repair and heal through our S²RM® patented technology, the patient receives a greater level of comfort and healing from extreme dryness, persistent itch, rash, hyperpigmentation and photosensitivity.

Our product line that deeply heals the skin includes:

  • Recovery, our most advanced product for the most complete healing of traumatized skin
  • Skin Serum, our daily serum to maintain and nurture the skin
  • Intensive Moisturizer, for deep hydration and barrier protection.

For extreme skin reactions and those that continue to worsen, please seek out the advice of your Doctor or Certified Oncology Esthetician.

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