By Pamela Vendetti, Lead Esthetician, Lead Educator – NeoGenesis

It is the New Year and you’ve decided to invest in professional skin care recommended by your Esthetician.  You are excited to begin this journey to beautiful skin and your Esthetician made it sound so easy.  Yet here you stand at the bathroom counter, looking at your beautiful products and think “now what am I supposed to do with this?”  The dream of radiant skin begins to fade as you reach for your familiar, but useless, products because you don’t want to do it wrong!  The directions sound simple enough, but slightly vague, as you remind yourself you are not a professional.  Sure enough, the products don’t work and can’t work, because you never tried them.  The dream dies as soon as it began.

If this scenario sounds familiar, we are here to help!  Let’s look at a simple home care regimen, the directions, and what it all means.

Step 1: NeoGenesis Cleanser

The Directions:  Massage a small amount over the dampened face and neck. Rinse and follow with the NeoGenesis Serums and NeoGenesis Moisturizer of your choice. For External Use Only. 

Here is what you do:  Either rinse your face with water to dampen or start with a dry face.  Pump a small amount of cleanser onto the fingertips of one hand.  Wet the other hand and then rub your hands together to turn the gel based cleanser into a foaming cleanser.  Using both hands, begin massaging the face, one hand on each cheek, using circular motions. Work around the face including the forehead, chin, neck, and eye area.  Add a bit more water if needed to have the slip to keep massaging.  This should feel really good!  When completed, either rinse with warm (not hot) water or use a warm wet washcloth to gently remove any cleanser.  Your skin is cleansed and ready for Step 2.  If you were wearing makeup, it may require a double cleanse where you simply repeat the process.

Step 2: NeoGenesis Skin Serum

The Directions:  Following cleansing, apply NeoGenesis Skin Serum to your face, neck and décolletage.  For best results use morning and night.  Avoid direct contact with eyes.  For External Use Only. 

Here is what you do:  With your face still slightly damp from cleansing, use one or two pumps of the Skin Serum (you will need to experiment here to know if one pump will cover your face and neck or if you need two) and pump onto the fingertips of one hand.  Gently press the fingertips from both hands together so there is serum on both hands.  Lightly massage the serum over the entire face and neck with an upward motion, beginning with up either side from the jaw line, smooth over the forehead, around the eyes using only your ring finger of either hand with very light pressure and finish with upward strokes on the neck.  The serum or serums used are the most important part of the home care routine.  Serums are the workhorses of any line and reap the benefits towards healthy, glowing skin.

Step 3: NeoGenesis Eye Serum

The Directions:  Following cleansing and NeoGenesis Recovery and/or Skin Serum, apply Eye Serum around the eyes, twice daily for best results. Follow with the NeoGenesis moisturizer of your choice. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. For External Use Only. 

Here is what you do:  Using only your ring fingers around the eyes, pump a tiny drop of the Eye Serum onto one of your ring fingers.  Press the two ring fingers together so a small amount of product is on both of them.  Carefully pat the eye serum around each eye, beginning at the outside corner.  Pat the serum in gently, moving towards the inner corner of the eye.  Now move to the upper eye, carefully patting eye serum just under the eyebrow, following the brow bone from the inside by the nose to the outside at the end of the eyebrow.  Be careful to always pat the eye serum on and never pull the skin around the delicate eyes. 

Step 4: NeoGenesis Moisturizer

It is the same application for either the Intensive Moisturizer or the Light Moisturizer.

The Directions:  Following cleansing and application of NeoGenesis Serum(s) of your choice, apply Intensive (or Light) Moisturizer to the face, neck and décolletage.  For best results, apply twice daily.  Can be used on the delicate skin around the eyes.  For External Use Only. 

Here is what you do:  Using one or two pumps (again, experimenting to find your perfect amount is important), pump them onto the fingertips of one hand.  Using the fingertips of the other hand, press them together so there is moisturizer on both hands.  Pat the moisturizer onto the face and neck including the sides of the face, the forehead, the mouth and chin are, the neck and a bit around the eye area if needed.  Remember, we only use our ring fingers to gently pat moisturizer around the eyes, never pulling the skin.  You may massage the moisturizer in around the rest of the face and neck.

Repeat these 4 Steps morning and evening.

The products are now correctly applied and your work is done!  Enjoy the beautiful benefits of using professional NeoGenesis products that go to work to repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Please contact us with any questions on our products as well as their application to fully enjoy caring for your skin. 

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