There are many types of human stem cells. But it is your adult stem cells that are responsible for the healing and regeneration of tissue. For example, we know that multiple stem cell types coordinate their activities to release two distinct pools of stem cell released molecules (SRM) that act together synergistically. It is this natural process that induces maintenance and healing effects.

We utilized this knowledge to develop a process that mimics and enhances the natural stem cell processes in the body.

We also know that stem cells have many different “states” and this is critical to their function. Thus, NeoGenesis, unlike any other therapeutics company, uses our patented S²RM® Technology whereby specific combinations of stem cell types, with each type cultured under specific state-dependent conditions, and using cell types and states that are relevant to the particular tissue and indication, creates a set of molecules from multiple stem cell types called S²RM® that is complete and fully formed thereby rendering maximum therapeutic benefit.

What this means is we culture the stem cells so that the molecules are fully processed by the cell, thus allowing the S²RM® to be complete, in their natural form, and packaged into exosomes – the body’s own protective nano-sphere that provides targeting and delivery characteristics to the S²RM®.

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