How NeoGenesis Can Help/Improve Skin + Treatment Modalities

Like many of you, I am results driven and when dealing with my clients I am looking at skin care products and technology that will provide them with the best outcome.  Discovering the NeoGenesis range of products has been a revelation and I am more confident than ever in offering solutions to my client’s skin issues.  Many business owners invest in technology to assist the product range in-clinic and those modalities can be enhanced with the use of NeoGenesis products.  

Before explaining the various modalities, and how NeoGenesis products can be used to complement the treatments, it is important to understand the science behind the product. NeoGenesis® brings the most advanced stem cell products available on the market today. The technology has the ability to harness the body’s own natural regenerative mechanisms making the skin look and feel vibrant, young, and healthy.  NeoGenesis is a unique and natural approach to skin and hair care that is good for ALL skin types and ALL skin conditions.  The range of products provides skin and hair products that are science-based, non-toxic, and can be used for a wide range of conditions.

The unique elements of NeoGenesis are that they have two differences from other brands:

  • The stem cell molecules are derived from skin tissue stem cell lines; and 
  • The harvesting of the molecules is safe compared to others who either use chemicals or crush the stem cells to get at the molecules more quickly.  

NeoGenesis Recovery serum is a skincare product that every clinic/salon should have. The reason is the ingredient S²RM®. So what is S²RM®? Most people understand how stem cells work; each stem cell has a purpose in the human body.  The skin also has its own stem cell.  Dr. Greg Maguire has developed a patented technology known as S²RM® that has a novel way of supporting the skin’s natural stem cells without potential risks.  Don’t be alarmed, the products used by NeoGenesis that incorporate S²RM® don’t actually include stem cells; the products include the molecules released from the stem cells that assist in the maintenance and repair of the skin tissue.

The team at Australian Capital Training Institute (ACTI) has been using a variety of NeoGenesis products that include the S²RM® and we have had amazing results.  The Fitzpatrick skin scale in the team ranges from II to IV and each of us has had some striking results that have assisted in improving the integrity of our skin health.  

The NeoGenesis Body Cream has 5% S²RM® and the change in my skin has been significantly softer and smoother. It makes my skin look amazing all over my body.  If you are someone that has hit menopause or is postmenopausal this product can really help your skin hydrate and feel smooth again.  

The other hero products that we have been using in the team have included Recovery serum (70% S²RM®), Eye Serum (10% S²RM®), and Booster serum (40% S²RM®) just to name a few.  A team member that suffers from Rosacea has seen a dramatic improvement in the color and texture of her skin.  I recently broke my toe and the bruising was incredible, so I used Recovery. Within 2 days the bruising had disappeared and the swelling had gone down. 

ACTI is a government-recognized training school that delivers training in the Diploma of Beauty and the Advanced Diploma in Skin Therapy.  We train the future workforce in the beauty and aesthetics industry.  The learning includes understanding how to use products in combination with various modalities such as Dermal needling, chemical peels, laser, and LED just to list a few. NeoGenesis is the go-to product to see faster results for all skin types.   

Preparation for skin treatment is integral to the successful outcome of treatments.  We have provided some suggestions on how to guide clients on the use of NeoGenesis products with some modalities.  

Post-care treatment can sometimes be neglected by clients or they may consider it not as important as treatment undertaken by the professional.  During the consultation, if a client becomes hesitant to consider aftercare products, I use the example of going to the dentist to highlight the necessity of home care:  ‘After you have had your teeth professionally cleaned, do you go home and not ever brush your teeth again? Well, your skin is the same, we are the professionals giving your skin the attention it needs but while you are at home you also need to take care.  Do not neglect your skin after professional treatment.  Here are the products you need to ensure you get the best results…..’

Three common modalities using NeoGenesis products:

Dermal Needling – Clients often worry about the downtime when using Dermal needling in particular areas visible to the public like the face, neck, and décolletage.  Improving recovery time also means you can offer treatments closer together to reach your endpoint results.  

Recovery serum can be used before and after the treatment to improve skin integrity prior to the treatment.  Post-treatment, Recovery serum will assist in the healing process with the use of the 70% S²RM® ingredient.  Apply Moisturizing Mist after the treatment to assist in cooling the skin and leave the skin hydrated without making contact. No actives should be used for 24-48 hours after treatment. Barrier Renewal Cream is an excellent product to protect the skin against external factors that may cause further damage to the skin until it starts to improve. Depending on your client’s skin, the NeoGenesis moisturizers will be great for hydrating the skin. 

Laser Skin Treatments – Laser pigmentation can target specific pigmentation spots or cover the whole area of concern.  The heat in the laser will cause the pigment to darken, usually, crust and then eventually fall away, leaving newly generated, less pigmented skin.  Recovery serum should be applied to the treated area to assist the recovery process. 

When the crust has fallen away and the area is smooth again, I would recommend the continued use of Recovery, including the Body Cream. The body moisturizer has a smooth texture that offers smoothness to the skin and is beautiful to the touch. 

Plasma Pen – The benefit of the plasma pen is that you can treat more accurately and in smaller areas such as under or above the eyelids.  When treating the eye area only one side should be treated at a time due to the inflammation which may cause the eye to close over if both the top and bottom are treated at the same time. 

Using the NeoGenesis Cleanser, cleanse the area prior to treatment.  Straight after treatment use the NeoGenesis Recovery spray followed by the Moisturizing Mist.  

Post-treatment, we recommend combining NeoGenesis Recovery for the fast track to recovery of the treated area, reducing downtime and the Eye Serum to lighten the area of any pre-existing darkness around the eye area.

There is a wide range of NeoGenesis products and most have the S²RM® that will assist with any treatment you use in the clinic.  Your clients will love the results and will increase their trust in you and your recommendation because they will be seeing the results they are striving for.

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