6 Tips to Keep Skin Glowing

Helping your clients keep their skin barrier healthy is job #1 heading into fall from the summer months. The summer routine that kept their skin radiant all summer long will need a few tweaks to keep it glowing as we move into colder months. September is a transition month of warm days leading to cooler nights. Breakouts may occur as the oil flow in the skin during the summer is still occurring while the cooler air is creating layers of buildup on the surface of the skin. This can result in a dry, dull appearance by October that no client finds attractive. You can help them with these simple, skin saving tips.

Here are 6 simple tips that will have clients singing your praises while sipping Pumpkin Lattes with healthy and radiant skin that glows.

Tip #1: The Cleansing Routine

Cleansing the skin properly each and every day makes a huge difference in the health of the skin. Heading into the fall season, choose a gentle, non-toxic cleanser which soothes and calms the skin. Have clients use a cleanser that is specially formulated to gently remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil without drying the skin or affecting the natural pH. It is time for them to put away cleansing brushes or harsh scrubs during this transition period. The skin becomes more sensitive as the conditions become colder and more drying. See our NeoGenesis Cleanser for all skin types and all skin conditions. Men love it too!

Tip #2: Boosting Hydration

A healthy barrier is a hydrated barrier. Dryness and dehydration are signs that the skin isn’t getting what it needs to be at its best. A perfect solution to up the moisture factor is to use a moisturizing mist after cleansing and throughout the day to keep the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Don’t let the skin dry out between home care steps. NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist with 1% S²RM® technology and anti-oxidants will keep your client’s skin hydrated and their senses uplifted throughout the day.

Tip #3: Eye Love

The eyes are the windows to the soul as the saying goes. The skin around the eyes is a window into the health of the delicate skin in the eye area. Clients might skip an eye product during the summer but with holiday season around the corner, it is the perfect time to add a boost to the eye area to counteract crepey skin, dark circles, and puffiness. A customer favorite, the NeoGenesis Eye Serum with 10% S²RM® technology does it all. Their eyes will thank you.

Tip #4: Change Your Moisturizer

Fall is the time to analyze your clients’ skin for signs that a different moisturizer is needed. Their skin may begin to feel dry under their summer moisturizer or they may show signs of an impaired barrier which needs attention. The solution to both of these conditions is a product that is deeply hydrating without feeling greasy or clogging pores and restores the skin’s barrier. NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer with 5% S²RM® technology soothes and protects the skin while give it the important hydration it needs. Our Barrier Renewal Cream offers the key lipids necessary to restore the barrier function for skin that may be red, irritated, or severely dry and/or dehydrated. They may be used together if the skin has become severely dry or damaged by using the Intensive Moisturizer first, followed by the Barrier Renewal Cream. A hydrated and functional barrier is the key to radiant skin health.

Tip #5: Exfoliate

That cooler, dry air of autumn creates a build up on the surface of the skin which creates a lackluster appearance. This is the time to add some gentle exfoliation to your home care regimen. Stay away from harsh products that may damage your clients’ delicate skin. The right exfoliation leaves the skin deeply nourished and ready for the appropriate moisturizer. Enzyme masks are formulated to gently remove any buildup without fear of damaging the skin. For a special treat, have your clients use one of our serums under the enzyme mask. Recovery, Booster, and Skin Serum, depending upon the skin’s needs, will deeply heal the skin while your client enjoys some special pampering.

Tip #6: Add a Body Cream

Skin that suffers from dryness and a lackluster appearance isn’t limited to the face and neck. While fall and winter clothes cover more of our body, the skin can become extremely dry, flaky, and itchy. The solution to all of this is a luxurious body cream. NeoGenesis Body Cream with 5% S²RM® technology helps to repair and restore the skin barrier while leaving the skin feeling supple and soothed. Your clients will thank you for helping the skin on their body feel as beautiful as the skin on their face.

Bonus Tip: Humidifier

One of the kindest things anyone can do for their skin in the fall and winter is to sleep in a room with a humidifier. It is also wonderful for hair and sinuses. It is important at this time to gently remind clients to care deeply for their skin in this busy and transitional season.


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