Beautiful skin.  Everyone wants it.  Some are born with it and others achieve it through the right products and professional treatments.  Either way, healthy and beautiful skin requires a commitment to the right products, home care protocols, and treatments to stay that way.

There are two elements to a home care routine that are critical to success.  One is to be diligent with sunscreen, all day every day.  The other is often overlooked and sometimes skipped altogether and that is the proper cleansing.

The proper cleansing won’t dry the skin out or make the skin too sensitive or irritated.  It is a necessary and extremely important step to receiving all of the benefits your other products have to offer.  Cleanse twice a day, every day.

  • Proper cleansing removes surface dirt, makeup, and impurities. Obvious maybe, but cleansing the skin also removes bacteria, damaged skin cells, excess oils, debris and more.  Skipping your nightly cleansing routine means you go into the night, when your skin repairs itself, with the day’s leftover products, makeup, sunscreen, environmental debris, oils and sweat sitting there all night.  It can lead to larger pore size, breakouts, congestion, irritation, rough texture, and skin that is just dull.  Not to mention what it leaves on your pillowcase.
  • Cleansing prepares the skin for your serums. It is so important that serums, the real workhorses of skin care products, are able to penetrate the skin to get down to the business of skin repair.  Serums can’t penetrate through skin that isn’t cleansed properly.
  • Cleansing promotes clear, bright, smooth, and hydrated skin. With impurities cleansed away, your skin is primed for additional products including your serums and moisturizers.  These products have a function in the skin and they can’t do their job if the skin’s canvas isn’t prepped and ready.
  • Choose the right cleanser! While gentle cleansing with the right cleanser is so important to beautiful skin, over cleansing or cleansing with the wrong type of cleanser is just plain bad.  Over cleansing or using the wrong cleanser may feel really good at the time, but that squeaky clean feeling may lead to surface dryness, irritation, a compromised barrier, and skin that isn’t healthy.  Once the skin has any of these issues, it doesn’t work well and a breakdown in skin systems leads to other issues that all begin with improper cleansing.

NeoGenesis Cleanser is a very gentle, oncology approved, gel-based cleanser for all skin types.  It may be used by the entire family, on the face and the body.

We recommend removing eye makeup and other stubborn makeup first, or plan on doing a double cleanse to remove all dirt and debris.  Remember to cleanse well under the fine facial hair as it can give harbor to makeup, sunscreen, and dirt.

If you don’t have the healthy, beautiful skin you want, start by looking at your cleansing routine, including the type of cleanser you use and how you use it.  By making proper cleansing a priority, your skin will be set up for success.


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